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  • All was peace and friendship-until suddenly a four-fold BRAHMS! rang out an instant ahead of Lopresto's stentorian NOW! His father had taught him of its voices and taught him that to learn the language of the wind was to be one with it, as were the hawks and eagles who built their nests among the craggy peaks.
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  • And the first victory-thanks to his crippling of the Cordracites shipbuilding capabilities-would be claimed by the slightly weaker Melacron.
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  • The Indians had paused too, studying the lone trail they had come upon. When the cavalcade started on again Jean rode to his father's side and asked him why he had wanted the Evarts boy to come to Grass Valley.
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  • My sight of that lasted for only a second and then was pushed on, down a short side way, keeping to more of such passages, away from the main thoroughfares where there was a constant passing of the shadow people, until I came so unto a dead-end court and halted (or my sight did) before a building which showed marks of age in fact at one time it might have had another story, for the top was ragged-looking.

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  • Every one who had subscribed to the Gun Club was directly interested in the welfare of the travelers.

    Maati snapped her restraint open and did a handstand on the back of the chair, flipping herself down to the top of the pod and popping its catch.
    Dude got down on all fours, looking straight into Bessie's nose while her eyes were closed. Lewis certainly has a convincing way of combining their humanness with their innate animal characteristics-the cawing, cooing, crowing, braying, neighing, baying, barking, lowing, bleating, and trumpeting; the wagging tails, and barking, and loose slobbery mouths and noses of dogs thrust into your hand.
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    And the world he was describing was different for her.

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    He asked if it was possible that anyone had not heard something about the murder.
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  • The responsibility isolated the leader in a cocoon of decisions and regrets.
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    Maybe my mistake all along was to imagine I could change anything. The best I can do is fire heat-seeking missiles of my own, which do not rely on my internal, malfunctioning guidance systems.

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