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    The blood gakis are just like the Western notion of Count Dracula; absolutely evil, seeing humans as no more than his rightful prey. The fields ran for scores of miles along the highway's length.

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  • Get away from him! shouted Artemis, and she shoved Soleta furiously aside as she knelt down next to Thoth.
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  • Doctor, we don't even know for certain what killed them, do we? So you are the chief biologist-there was a time when you could have done a service to the whole human race.
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  • You still wonder why I was a party to sending for you since things are going so well?

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  • Oh, gods - Van, I'm sorry - The smothered fury faded from Tylendel's eyes for a moment, and was replaced by concern as he reached in the direction of Van-yel's nose. But Charles Meyer necessarily became the recipient of the horror that others were attempting to cast away.

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  • He's a lot saner than a lot of people I know, McCoy said.
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  • The Morel children feel a deep conflict between the traits they picked up from their mother and those they got from their father.
  • I tried to pull him out of his seat by the straps of his life jacket, but for a moment he wouldn't come.

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    She crossed the room to the lavatory and dropped the cigarette in the toilet.
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  • The distinction seems to be original with science fiction; it has no basis in recorded fact .
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